Introduction to the Human Body 10th edition Tortora has been released with new and updated information throughout the textbook. This affordable etext now comes with personalized study tools, for an extra fee, to help the student through the course and learn the material. A student has 24 hr access to their text online or offline and can view it on their tablet, laptop, computer or smartphone.

This brand new edition of Introduction to the Human Body 10th edition Tortora offers a very well-balanced intro to the human body designed to meet the rigorous needs of an anatomy and physiology course. The textbook blends stunning and intricate art and written text to help the student understand the complex systems of the human body. There are multiple updates, not only to the text, but to the artwork and illustrations as well.

Due to the high demand of A and P and other pre-med courses, this textbook has been designed with student’s needs in mind. This text has been class-tested and the pedagogy is woven throughout to ensure the student has a full grasp of the material. The language of the typical A and P courses are blended into the illustrations and narratives to help ensure student success. Other study tools and the latest terminology will help students learn the complicated systems and processes of the human body.

More than just a textbook, the publisher has also designed extra tools to help the students learn the material for their rigorous courses. The publisher of Introduction to the Human Body 10th edition has provided study tools and a space for collaboration with other students to help learn material. These tools may only be accessible if the course professor has requested them.

Many features have been updated or revised to stay current with new medical research. The art and photos have been revised, updated, or are brand new to ensure accurate illustrations and diagrams of the human body. The clinical connections are new or updated throughout the whole Tortora’s textbook to help with the practical field knowledge. In chapter 15, all new heart illustrations are provided to help students navigate through the intricate systems of the heart. Terminology has been updated, when necessary, to ensure accurate and updated terms are used to keep with current medical practices. There are new or heavily revised sections included to help keep the student up to date. These sections include:

  1. buffers and disease
  2. cryolipolysis
  3. epiphyseal plate
  4. control of breathing

Introduction to the Human Body 10th edition Tortora has been updated and revised to include the most current medical research, terms, and illustrations to help the student learn the material. There are completely new sections and photos/illustrations to help students stay up-to-date with the latest in medical research. There an invaluable study tools available, if instructor prescribes, to ensure students learn the material in their rigorous A and P courses.
This textbook offers the current med student the information needed to be successful.

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