mink eyelash extensionsThese days mink eyelash extensions are growing in popularity. Despite the expenses, the make-up accessory is quickly becoming a favourite of celebrities. Perhaps, the popularity arises from the durability of these eyelashes, which can last as long as 6 weeks.

What makes these eyelashes durable is the natural and fluffy look, which is mostly absent from the machine-made eyelashes that always provide a “strip-esque” look. The mink eyelash blends nicely with the natural tone of the human facial texture because they are made of hair, offering a more refined and natural look. In fact, when a professional applies the extension, it becomes almost impossible for others to notice that they are not real.

However, one of the potential downsides of the mink eyelash extensions is its characteristics of permed hair. Basically, it means that the extension may take one or two days before offering the natural look. Therefore, it is important to get the extension done by professionals who are able to design methods that can offer an instant natural look to the eyelash.

For instance, one of the innovative methods used by make-up artists is using a silk lash to hide the curling. Because it is difficult to get the exact natural dimensions with the permed hair, silk lash can hold the curl, better. Interestingly, professionals also insist that the mink eyelash makeup can also be done at home using heated curlers. As heated curlers are becoming common, anyone can extend the life of eyelashe by learning how to give the eye-lashes a natural curl. Still, it is important to keep in mind that learning from the Internet videos may not be such a good idea because most of the videos on eyelash curling are tailored towards synthetic eyelashes. As mink eyelash extensions are made from permed hair, it is better to get guidance from the make-up artists.

Overall, the cost of a one-hour fill can be anywhere from $70 to $90 depending on the stylist. Once filled, a mink eyelash extension can last anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks. Sometimes, the duration can be extended to 6 weeks. Accordingly, the first fill usually lasts for 2 hours. A follow-up to fix the eyelash can last from 45 minutes to one and half hour. Irrespective of the time and cost, pink eyelash extensions are among the best eye accessories for women who want quick and natural-looking tone to their eyes.

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