Chemistry 3rd Edition, primarily written by an expert in Chemistry Allan Blackman, is the third installment of the award winning and market leading university textbook that covers the titled topic. The Chemistry textbooks have been around for many years and have served those who are attending a chemistry class with boundless information and tools to help university students succeed. Just as in past editions, the third edition of the book was made cater to students who are in their first year chemistry with content that is taught at universities. Wiley, the publisher of the Chemistry textbook, believes that the newest edition is yet another example of the commitment Wiley has to the scientific education of college students in New Zealand and Australia. With detailed chapters, instructive pictures and thousands of practice questions there is a massive amount of information available to college students.

Chemistry 3rd Edition includes an even mixture of both organic, inorganic and physical chemistry, everything first year chemistry students will need to pass the course. This includes the periodic table and periodic table trends , quantum theory and the electronic structure of atoms, iconic and covalent compounds, molecular geometry, inter-molecular forces, bonding theories, chemical reactions, properties of solutions, entropy, acids, bases, chemical equilibrium, kinetics and nuclear energy. The third edition offers revised chapter information and current chemistry related discoveries. Depending on the university, and because of how many different topics are covered, this textbook may be used for different classes.

Wiley working in conjunction with author of Chemistry Allan Blackman made sure to include a popular feature that was also in the earlier editions of the textbook: Chemical Connections. Chemical Connections helps student apply the lessons that they are currently learning by highlighting the various connections from the book’s chemical concepts to more visible worldly applications by comparing to events that students may be more familiar with. Not only is thing yet another way students can learn and study the necessary material, it makes it easier to easier to understand specific topics by teaching it in more than one way.

Just like past editions of Chemistry, the third edition has the option to be connected to WileyPLUS with Orion. WileyPLUS is a personalized learning tool that works with university students to help them gain all the information they can from each chapter. The program giver different assistance for each person depending on what their strengths and weaknesses are. The best thing about it is that it is adaptable and helpful, never going too fast or too slow for whomever is using it, while also being able to give instant feedback to those who are having trouble and looking for answers. WileyPlus is available with any copy of Chemisty 3rd edition, but author of Chemistry Allan Blackman believes that purchasing the online version of the text book works best with the program because it is easier to follow. The online version of the book also offers quicker access to other useful tools online including videos and demonstrations of important concepts which would normally have to be inputted manually.

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