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The VP 750 by VIP Colour is a cutting-edge digital label printing press that stands at the intersection of innovation and practicality. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of both commercial and industrial label printing, this machine is a powerhouse of efficiency, combining high-speed performance with a remarkable output quality.

Technical Features of the VP 750

At the heart of the VP 750’s technical prowess is its advanced Memjet print head technology, offering unparalleled print speed without compromising the vibrancy and clarity of the labels. Capable of producing labels at a speed of up to 12 inches per second, this machine can deliver high-resolution prints of up to 1600 x 1600 dpi. The VP 750 supports a wide color gamut, ensuring that even the most complex graphics are printed with precision and true-to-life color reproduction.

Equipped with an intuitive touch-screen interface, the VP 750 simplifies the printing process, allowing operators to manage jobs with ease. The machine’s robust construction ensures reliability and durability, making it an asset for businesses looking to streamline their label production without frequent maintenance downtime.

Advantages of the VP 750 Digital Label Press

One of the paramount advantages of the VP 750 is its versatility. The machine is adept at handling a variety of label materials, including matte, gloss, and even textured papers. Its water-resistant printing capabilities are particularly beneficial for products that require exposure to moisture or need to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

The VP 750’s economical ink consumption translates to lower running costs, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. The ease of setup and operation, combined with its desktop footprint, means it integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, requiring minimal operational training.

Business and Industry Applications

The VP 750 is not just a machine; it’s a strategic tool for businesses that require agility and responsiveness in their label printing operations. It’s ideal for industries such as food and beverage, where labels not only serve as brand ambassadors but also need to comply with stringent regulatory requirements. The chemical and pharmaceutical industries can also benefit from the VP 750’s ability to produce crisp, legible labels that are resistant to smudging and fading.

In the competitive marketplace of consumer goods, the ability to produce vibrant, eye-catching labels and stickers on-demand is invaluable. The VP 750 enables companies to execute short-run and mid-run print jobs economically, eliminating the need for large inventories of pre-printed labels and allowing for greater flexibility in product branding.

Commercial and Industrial Label Printer Par Excellence

The VP 750 is not only a commercial and industrial label printer; it’s a testament to the evolution of label printing technology. This digital label press is engineered for businesses that require robust performance but also desire the finesse of high-quality print outputs.

For industrial settings where efficiency and uptime are paramount, the VP 750 stands out with its quick turnaround times and reliable operation. This machine is particularly well-suited to environments where production schedules are tight and accuracy is non-negotiable.

Desktop Convenience with Industrial Capabilities

Despite its industrial capabilities, the VP 750 maintains a desktop form factor, making it an ideal choice for smaller workspaces. This compactness, however, does not mean a compromise on the quality or speed of label production. Whether it’s small batches of customized labels or consistent large-scale runs, the VP 750 delivers with the same level of excellence.

Water Resistant Labels: A New Standard

The ability to create water-resistant labels is increasingly becoming a standard expectation in many industries. The VP 750 meets this demand with its robust printing technology that ensures labels endure through exposure to moisture and liquids, making it an invaluable asset for products that undergo refrigeration or are used outdoors.

Moreover, the VP 750’s durable prints are resistant to UV rays, oils, and other substances that could otherwise degrade the label’s readability and visual appeal over time.


The VP 750 from VIP Colour is more than just a machine; it’s a comprehensive solution for any business looking to elevate its labeling processes. Offering speed, efficiency, and high-quality water-resistant outputs, it’s a versatile printer that fits perfectly in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. From producing vibrant labels that catch the consumer’s eye to meeting the rigorous demands of industrial environments, the VP 750 is poised to set a new standard in the label printing industry.

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